Scottsdale Nightclub About the Experience, Not the Booze

By Maxfield Barker, Desert Living Today

What comes to mind when you think of nightclubs? Surely, copious amounts alcohol, right? That’s not always the case but it does seem to be the norm. Just opented on Feb. 22, Scottsdale’s newest joint, Cake Nightclub, wants to change that stigma. Obviously, it’s going to be filled with beautiful girls (pictured, though, those we’re not sure if those particular girls will actually be there) and drinks but that’s not all it’s good for. The new club surprisingly has a lot to offer. The spot features aerialists, acrobatics, stilt walkers, theatrics, and costumes. It’s the type of club you would expect to find in Los Angeles or New York City. There are rumors of surprise celebrity visits and performance to keep you on your toes.