Join the Club: Take an on-the-scene tour of San Diego’s boomingest hotspots and glimpse the city’s nightlife future

By David Perloff, Pacific San Diego Magazine

Insider: Tanjee Mahdavi, Director of Operations for EDL Management Group

PacificSD: What makes San Diego the perfect launch point for you new Cake brand?
TANJEE MAHDAVI: Cake was conceptualized for our launch location in Scottsdale, Arizona, with San Diego being the next logical destination for the expansion of our brand. San Diego is a nightlife and entertainment hub for the west coast.

Why should San Diegans be excited about the arrival of Cake?
Our focus on the level of design and attention to detail far surpasses the experience thus far in San Diego. Unlike other nightclubs that focus on the DJ or one performance for the evening, we focus on every client and the guest experience above all. You can expect to find a level of service that will be unparalleled.

How will Cake impact San Diego’s nightlife/entertainment scene?
We are bringing a nightlife experience that caters to women and what they desire.

Who are some key performers/entertainers San Diegans should be excited to see at Cake?
The Cake Dolls — take a peek on Instagram @cakedolls.

How many Cake locations do you plan to open nationwide? Worldwide?
We currently have one other location in Scottsdale, Arizona. We plan on opening Dallas, Miami and Chicago within 24 months.

Anything else you’d like to express about the venue, the marketplace or anything else?
We are excited to bring this amazing brand to S.D. and hope everyone loves it as much as we do.

Cake Nightclub
755 Fifth Ave., Gaslamp

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